Steven Wyer Reports Angie’s List Has Removed Paywall

Angie’s List is now free, according to Third Coast Interactive CEO Steven Wyer. This means business owners may want to consider incorporating the site into their marketing SEO strategies. Search engine optimization expert Steven Wyer explains why

In March, Angie’s List announced they would remove their $40 annual fee. Steven Wyer says this is a big deal, despite the fact that the announcement hasn’t garnered much attention. Today, the site’s reviews – and there are thousands and thousands of them – are available to anyone. Steven Wyer says this under-the-radar change may have major implications for many home services providers’ online reputations.

According to Steven Wyer, Angie’s List has always been popular with homeowners searching for contract labor. HVAC installers, roofing, concrete, plumbing, and landscaping professionals have historically been the website’s main focus, reports Steven Wyer. Though Angie’s List had an impact on business reputations, less than 1% of Internet users were members. These low numbers meant that very few people actually saw the reviews. Now the entire site is open to the public. This is exciting news for anyone who’s ever been curious about the site’s appeal, says Steven Wyer.

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